Monday, March 10, 2014

J.M Spencer Appointed President on April 11, 1901

Article from The St. Louis Republic, Thursday, April 11, 1901, p. 9 indicating that J.M. Spencer was selected to serve as president of Synodical College, Fulton, MO.

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Ad from Kansas City Journal

Advertisements for Synodical College and Westminster College from the Kansas City Journal, September 9, 1897.

Baccalaureate Speaker Announced for June 3, 1900

Announcement from the April 18, 1900 St. Louis Republic that Rev. Frank W. Sneed of the Washington and Compton Avenue Presbyterian Church will provide the June 3rd baccalaureate sermon for Fulton, MO's Synodical Female College and Westminster College.

Ad from Guthrie [OK] Daily Leader

Advertisement for Synodical College from the Guthrie [OK] Daily Leader, September 12, 1903.